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A new insight stream,
driven by unstructured data,
to launch Volvo’s first small
SUV: the new XC40

The Challenge

A common challenge is to gain client investment in insight to drive deeper connections between brand and customer. In the UK, Volvo takes a small market share – so finding a consistent source of rich insight can take a back seat to producing more communications and incentives.

With the fast-approaching launch of the new XC40 in a brand-new segment to a brand-new audience, there was more reason than ever to explore for new insight.


Learnings don’t have to be expensive or stay the domain of market researchers. Social media and ‘big data’ mean customers, prospects, detractors, fans and advocates create insight, daily.

It’s just knowing how to turn that data into information, then into insight.


Our unstructured data analysis team developed methods to extract insight from the social media mix.

Using natural language processing, a suite of ‘listening tools’ and human intuition, we decoded the expectations of the category in which the car would compete. This, along with understanding the current perception of Volvo, enabled us to create a number of actionable target audiences.

The Results

Although it’s still too early to study any significant breadth of results, the rich source of insight we gleaned means the future will see Volvo making even more meaningful connections with its audiences.

Rich insight

of recommended influencers + content partners

Ongoing listening

providing a new client tool to track perceptions
throughout a campaign

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