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The Challenge

It’s no secret that Gap gives its customers generous discounts, which are well received and instrumental in driving footfall.

To reduce the blanket nature of these discounts, we needed to become relevant. We needed to create more value in the relationship, broaden the conversation between Gap and its customers… and make it meaningful.


Gap had little visibility of customer behaviour and buying habits. By gathering this data, we could show them who their high frequency customers were and what they were buying.

This data would not only allow us to ensure that these valuable customers returned to the store – reducing reliance on deep discounts – but also help Gap understand patterns of behaviour that could inform product, pricing and stocking decisions.


At the heart of Gap+ is an app that learns as you shop. In return, Gap, for the first time, was able to act on this knowledge to deliver a 1-2-1 shopping experience in store, at home or on-the-go.

Every visit, interaction or purchase adds to the customer’s profile, resulting in more personalised engagements – ‘fashion moments’ – from offers and product films to style guides. And, rather counter-intuitively – given the generous discounts already in place – members joining the scheme received an additional 5% discount.

The Results

Gap+ is at 350k members... and growing. And we’re seeing that those who join come into store more often – spending 38% more when they do, compared with non-members.

The data generated is helping Gap to have a more meaningful relationship with members by identifying relevant content and product recommendations, based on what they’ve purchased.


increase in average transaction value


revenue generated

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