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Find My VIP
Find My VIP
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Find My VIP
– a unique app-based
24/7 lost-pet-finding service
from Pets at Home

The Challenge

Over the past 5 years, through the VIP (Very Important Pets) club, we’ve helped Pets at Home to build the UK's largest database of pets and owners.

Pets at Home identified that, if a VIP member lost their pet, this loyal group could help one another to quickly reunite them. We needed to turn this ambition into a reality and add even greater meaning to being part of VIP club.


To our members, their pets are part of the family, so the idea of losing their VIP is heartbreaking.

The devastating truth is that 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lives, but the sooner a VIP is found, the more likely they are to be safe.


We drew on our massive network of VIP club members to help reunite pets and their owners.

A member can purchase a Find My VIP tag to attach to their VIP’s collar, before registering it on their handy VIP app. If their VIP goes missing, they can send a Lost Pet Alert to all VIP members in the area straight away, using the device they have on them at all times: their phone.

The Results

So far, Find My VIP results have been outstanding! We’ve sold tens of thousands of tags and successfully reunited hundreds of lost pets with their families.

Our VIP-exclusive service provides a handy life-fit solution to owners’ concerns. This gives members real value both functionally and emotionally – strengthening Pets at Home as a truly meaningful brand.


tags sold to VIP members


lost VIPs reunited with their owners

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